Beethoven, Haydn, Rodrigo, and Vivaldi have inspired millions of musicians worldwide. With deference to these great composers, we have developed the “Virtuoso Innovation Project” (VIP), a system that carefully matches sponsors and volunteer professionals to disadvantaged musicians who must deal with similar challenges that these composers faced. In addition, 100% of the surplus from donations is directed to our partner organizations to provide talent development for disadvantaged musicians.

We work with trusted organizations to provide Free Music Lessons to orphans, refugees, and children in rural areas, as well as the visually and hearing impaired.

The Composers

Learn how their love of usic transcended physical, financial and social limitations

Free music for the hearing impaired

For two years I have avoided almost all social gatherings because it is impossible for me to say to people ‘I am deaf’. If I belonged to any other profession it would be easier, but in my profession it is a frightful state…” (1802) Beethoven began to have hearing difficulties around 1800 and by the last decade of his life he was almost totally deaf. It is said that Beethoven had to be turned around to hear the audience applause after conducting the climactic premiere of his Ninth Symphony. Beethoven moved to Vienna in 1792 and began studying with Haydn. He lived in Vienna until his death.

Free music lessons for youth in low-income rural areas

Haydn was born in a small Austrian village and endured many struggles based on his low-income as a musician, despite being one of the most brilliant in the world. He spent much of his career as a court musician for the wealthy Esterházy family at their remote estate. Until the later part of his life, this isolated him from other composers and trends in music so that he was, as he put it, “forced to become original”. At the time of his death, aged 77, he was one of the most celebrated composers in Europe and is now known as “the Father of the Symphony.”

Free music lessons for visually impaired

Rodrigo, best known for his masterpiece Concierto de Aranjuez, was born in Sagunto, Valencia (Spain) and almost completely lost his sight at the age of three after contracting diphtheria. He began to study solfège, piano and violin at the age of eight; harmony and composition from the age of sixteen. He never mastered the classical guitar himself. He wrote his compositions in Braille, which was transcribed for publication. In addition to worldwide acclaim, it is said that he “distinguished the Spanish guitar to dignity as a universal concert instrument.” Rodrigo lived in Spain most of his life.

Free music lessons for orphans and street children

Vivaldi wrote most of his compositions for the child ensemble of Ospedale della Pietà, a home for abandoned children in Italy. His works for them include over 60 concertos, cantatas and sacred vocal music over a 25 year period. These sacred works are varied: they include solo motets and large-scale choral works for soloists, double chorus, and orchestra. Vivaldi lived in Vienna in 1741 and attempted to become a citizen before his death.

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