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Small Ensembles


We are looking for interns for circa 10 hours per week for 2-3 months. These are unpaid “project-based” roles that could lead to paid positions after the internship.  Submit your CV and cover letter to the email address at the bottom of the page. You can work with us online from anywhere in the World, or face-to-face in Vienna, Austria. 

Internship Possibilities:

• Visual Production and Graphic Arts Lead – This artistic and tech-savvy person will work with our suppliers to create imagery that impresses. Your task will be to align our branding and features to make it a consistent whole. This person works interdependently with the Video Production Lead.

• Video Production and Post-Production Lead – This creative spirit will have a good understanding of video editing software and take initiative in creating opportunities to film our teachers. Your task will be to film our ‘virtuosos’ and edit the tape for upload to Youtube. We plan to film in multiple historical locations around Vienna, and we are looking for an exploration of the limits of fine video creation.

• Social Marketing Platforms Lead – This socialite will be expressive in all forms of social media and have the interest in building advertising and sales skills through social and online media. Your task will be to set up and engage possible beneficiaries and partners for our platform. You will work interdependently with other Leads to source content, and help us bring the social world to Vienna.

• Chief Usability Guru – This future-oriented and complex problem-solver will research using existing data and assist us in adapting our technology into user-friendly and low-cost solutions. Your task will be to work with experts and users to define and adapt our technology to fit the requirements of multiple stakeholders of music education.

• Sales Sales Sales – This ambitious runner will have a keen interest in building a network of partners and customers from our existing and new contacts around the world. Your task will be to close deals and potentially set up an advanced sales software with our Usability Guru and sales executives.

• Organizational Lead – This task-oriented thinker with an interest in organizing will help organize all our beneficiary, student, and tutor data and communication channels with elegance and clarity. Your task will be to work with our Director of Administration on Excel, Word, and other software, to develop a smooth operational system for the back office linked to Moodle administration.



We are Vienna’s exclusive name for online music education, and are currently looking for talented and qualified tutors in all orchestral instruments. This is for our exciting and innovative online and face-to-face supplementary tutoring and mentoring programmes for students of classical music.

Our system uses “asynchronous Video Focus Lessons” so you choose when, where, and how much you want to give video feedback and support to your students. We support your career as both a teacher and an artist through online promotions, rich international experience, master classes, and a professional tutoring profile on our website.

The pay for Focus Lessons is excellent in comparison to face-to-face or other online lessons, and is designed flexibly so the system fits with your current course structure and personal life needs. Also, your students benefit from an extensive list of additional features, including guest private lessons from famous musicians and professors of music.

For these reasons, Vienna Virtuoso is only seeking experienced tutors with excellent qualifications for independent tutoring contracts. Qualifications can include several competition trophies, a degree in music, or several years of teaching experience with intermediate students and above.

To apply, please have a look at our website and create a short sample instruction video (examples here) from your mobile phone or computer (in high quality), either in English or German then upload that video to Youtube or another video sharing site and send us a link along with your CV/Resume to:

We are specifically looking for candidates who speak the following languages:

German, Russian, Georgian, Korean, Japanese, Chinese, Spanish, Italian, English

Our courses appear all over the world to thousands of interested students and our system works in over 100 languages. We are looking forward to advancing the next generation of expert educators, so get in touch if you think you’re a fit for Vienna Virtuoso!

Questions? Inquiries? Contact us:

Tel: +43 664 185 4524


We aim to respond within 10 days to all enquiries.

We look forward to hearing from you soon,

Dr. Josh Lange, Executive Director
Univ. Prof. Stefan Vladar, Director of Music Education
Vienna Virtuoso