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“Vienna Virtuoso is the first online learning system for music students based on a combination of expert tutoring, statistical evaluation, and learning communities. It’s also a Social Benefit Organization, so every student supports innovative social projects as well as getting excellent value from Focus Lessons. I look forward to seeing you in the Piano Campus, where you could receive a surprise feedback video directly from me, and in the Virtuoso Piano Contest where I will give the winners personal online lessons.”

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o.Univ. Prof. Stefan Vladar

Concert Pianist
Professor, Vienna University for Music and Arts
Chief Conductor, Vienna Chamber Orchestra

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Choose any Tutor by Language, Teaching Method, Location, and Price!


This 14 year-old student is preparing Mozart’s 20th Piano Concerto for an important competition in his country. He simply records his video with his computer’s webcam and asks Professor Vladar about emphasis and how to capture the ‘essence’ of Mozart live on stage. Watch Vladar’s response, recorded directly from Mozart’s own Apartment in Vienna!

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