What does ‘Professional Level’ and ‘Pre-Professional Level’ mean?

Basically, the difference is the teaching experience and academic grade. Here is an overview of the two levels:

Professional Level instructors typically have a PhD in Music, speak several languages, and have several years of both performance and teaching experience.

All of Vienna Virtuoso’s Professional Level instructors are hand-picked by the Virtuoso level musician and education experts to ensure excellence in music ability and instructional know-how. They are then tested for their teaching ability and those who successfully advance to our staff are trained in the Focus Lessons technology and evaluation systems. Professional instructors are perhaps the most important instructors because they are “teaching” experts as well as “content” experts, and provide strong leadership examples for new instructors. Professional instructors are mentored directly by the Virtuoso Level musician, and they monitor and evaluate pre-professional level instructors to ensure Vienna’s high quality music education standards for every student. The earliest a student can begin lessons with a Professional is six months, and students are competitively chosen based on the Virtuoso Contest.

Pre-Professional Level instructors are already considered the best teaching and performance talent in the world.

They are competitively chosen by a board of experts including the Virtuoso Level artist, a talent management professional, and a teaching professional. They are then trained in the technology and evaluation systems and given mentoring by the Virtuoso and Professional Level instructors on how to develop talent in students. All students begin at ‘Pre-Professional’ level and choose an instructor based on age appropriacy, preferred instrument, favorite works, favorite composers, and several other criteria to ensure the highest probability for success. We also work directly with teachers and schools to inform the best ‘fit’ between instructors and individual students. Professional and Virtuoso Level musicians are available through a per lesson charge, available through the Competitions tab above.

How long is the waiting list?

For a Video Evaluation, there is no waiting list. For lessons, we want to make sure every student has the BEST instructor for their needs and that there is enough interest in the student’s instrument of choice. If the student speaks English and is very interested in playing Beethoven on Piano, for example, then we can match the student with an instructor immediately. If the student speaks only Swahili and is interested in Piccolo, for example, then we might not admit that student to our program at all.

You can register for free to see a list of all our instructors now. The site works in 50 languages, so you can search for our available instructors based on several factors and start lessons immediately when you find a match! If you don’t find a match, you can still participate in the Virtuoso Campus and take our Free Introductory Course. We keep your information and once there is a match, we will contact you directly.

Do I have to pay extra for Professional and Virtuoso level instructors?

No.  The goal of Vienna Virtuoso is to break down the barriers that have traditionally kept classical music within elite circles, so we take the burden of paying the high costs for these exclusive instructors. But to access these instructors, the student needs to participate in, and win, the Virtuoso Contest. There is a new contest every six months, so if the student does not “win” immediately, he or she is motivated to “kick the dust of their piano pedals” and try again.

What if I don’t like my instructor?

It’s important that the student feels comfortable with his or her instructor. The good news is that we have the World’s biggest supply of top-level classical music talent so there is plenty of choice. If the student wants to cancel his or her membership, please write us an email in the first 30 days asking to cancel and we will refund all of the membership fees. If the student wants a different instructor, then he or she must cancel their membership within the first month and choose from other available instructors in the Campus.

Are beginners welcome?

Yes, all levels are welcome, but…

There is a lot of FREE material and free beginner lessons on the internet. Also, Vienna Virtuoso is designed to offer supplementary instruction, so is not really a replacement for school lessons or other private lessons. However, if you are a beginner and need motivation, consistent challenges, and a private instructor for short sessions each week for a low-price, then Vienna Virtuoso is the place for you.  It is not impossible for beginners to win the Virtuoso Contest, since each student is primarily judged on his or her own progress.  Additionally, many instructors provide free group lessons on various topics for free.