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Socially Innovative Online Music Tutoring and Performance Support

Everyone can now access the best classical music tutors and contests.

Much More than ‘Skype’ or ‘Video’ Lessons…

Focus Lessons

A ‘Focus Lesson’ is an interactive, hyper-efficient teaching and learning technique based on cutting-edge Neuropsychology, Music Pedagogy, and Education Research. We designed this process specifically to consistently motivate students to reflect on their practice, increase key performance skills, and use their individual strengths to become independent, lifelong learners. Focus Lessons are lower-priced than normal lessons, do not require high speed internet, and are completed in about 15 minutes!

Much More than ‘Average’ Teachers…

The Virtuoso Contest

All of our tutors are professional teachers and concert performers with a wide range of specialities. Also, our three-level system from ‘Pre-Professional’ to ‘Virtuoso’ guarantees that your tutor is always matched to your skills and goals. What’s more, Vienna Virtuoso offers rewards based on how much you learn rather than how advanced you play. Every six months, students who show the most consistent progress in learning will win prizes, such as European concert appearances, new instruments and equipment, and personal online Focus Lessons from famous musicians.

Much More than ‘Grades’…

The Virtuoso Certificate

Our trademarked Focus Lessons process uses statistical analysis to calculate a 5-criteria evaluation completed by your tutor that identifies your strengths and weaknesses, certifies your progress over time, and supports your applications to international competitions and music universities. Your report is signed by your tutor and a world-renowned Virtuoso level musician in your instrument.

Much More than ‘Elite’…

The Virtuoso Campus

Each instrument also has a free campus where you can rate other student’s practices, get yours rated by peers, share sheet music, watch high quality instructional videos, discuss important topics, collaborate on new projects, get feedback from professional musicians, and take free group lessons on streaming video!

Vienna Virtuoso is a social benefit organization. The money and data we obtain from your lessons supports music learning projects that enable disadvantaged students to enjoy the beauty of playing an instrument. For example, our Beethoven Programme uses Focus Lessons technology in combination with powerful hearing-aids and learning specialists to give the hearing-impaired opportunities to learn music through equalized audio/video tuning.

A Message from our Director of Music Education

“Vienna Virtuoso is the first online learning system for classical students that is based on a combination of expert tutoring, statistical evaluation, and learning communities. It’s also a Social Benefit Organization, so every student supports innovative social projects as well as getting excellent value from Focus Lessons. I look forward to seeing you in the Piano Campus, where you could receive a surprise feedback video directly from me, and in the Virtuoso Piano Contest where I will give the winners personal online lessons.”

Autogramm Stefan Vladar

Professor Stefan Vladar

Chief Conductor, Vienna Chamber Orchestra, and Professor of Piano, Vienna University for Music and Arts


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“The lessons are completed with great care. It motivates me to practice more often and I can get private lessons from Vienna for myself and my children!” – Sara, Mother of two boys, Hong Kong

Ana Markovic

“As a student of piano and pedagogy, I was skeptical about a “new” and “online” Vienna School. However, as a tutor myself I learned that Vienna Virtuoso gives students an opportunity to improve in key areas based on their individual needs. It also fits within anyone’s schedule and is lower-priced than most supplementary lessons programs.” – Ana, Competition Winner, Serbia


“The Golden Auditions and Mozart 21st Century concert services are a dream come true for amateur musicians at key moments in their early stage careers.” – Akihiro, Tonmeister, Japan